News // The introduction of the Winchester Archery Line.
Bow hunting is a sport enjoyed by thousands of people in Australia/NZ and around the world and like rifle hunters, bow hunters have two things in common: a real passion and enjoyment of their chosen sport and a fascination with the challenge of hunting.


Bow hunting is a sport enjoyed by thousands of people in Australia/NZ and around the world and like rifle hunters, bow hunters have two things in common: a real passion and enjoyment of their chosen sport and a fascination with the challenge of hunting.

Winchester Archery sprung from the brands desire to bring its constant innovation and reliable quality to the bow hunting community. Winchester Archery products are designed, tested, and made in America by passionate bow hunters. The Winchester master bow designers excel the tradition and art of hunting with today’s most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

But it’s more than just the production of advanced, high quality, hunting tools. The Winchester name is part of a tradition of hunting and the outdoors, and is also part of a community of sportsmen from around the world.


Track Technology for AST cam and ARC cams (Patent Pending #12/277,860)

The two track cam is engineered to use the same track of the cam to perform both the cable take up and cable let out functions. This cam-to-cam rigging forces both cams to act as one with no possibility of independent movement. That greatly enhances accuracy and makes tuning the bow with a wide range of arrows simple. With both cams acting as a single unit, Winchester Archery engineers are able to focus on specific characteristics like exceptional let off, high arrow speed, and smooth draw without having to account for synchronization issues.


AST Cam (Quicksilver 31 and 34)

The patent pending #12/277,860 AST (Accu Speed Technology) cam is the driving force behind the QS 31 and 34 bows. Exceptionally high arrow speed, smooth draw and an incredibly quiet shot are hallmarks of the AST cam. Independent draw length modules are available in one half inch increments and allow adjustment to exactly fit each bowhunter while maintaining the utmost efficiency. Adjustable let-off and a granite solid back wall are standard features of the AST cam system. The bowhunter looking for trajectory flattening speed with accuracy built in is looking for the AST system.


ARC Cam (Vaquero and Tracker)

The patent pending # 12/277,860 ARC (Advanced Rotating Cam) system, with its built in module, allows for very convenient draw length adjustment using the built in rotating module without the need for a bow press. Providing great arrow speed with a remarkably smooth draw is the main design focus of the ARC system. With that goal accomplished Winchester Archery designers were able to build in features like rock solid back wall and adjustable let-off to make this one of the best all-around cam systems available to today’s bowhunters.

Rider Cam

Rider Cam (Thunderbolt and Destiny)

Incredible adjustability and performance are hallmarks of the Rider Cam. As the draw length is increased through its 11” of adjustment the draw weight range of the bow increases to match the growing archer. The Rider cam gives dramatic performance in all of its settings with speeds up to 290 fps.

Directional Venting

The beautifully machined lightening holes, or vents, in the risers of every Winchester Archery bow are not only good looking but serve a very important function. They are specifically designed to direct vibration towards the stainless steel stabilizer bushing so that your stabilizer can be most effective. This important feature allows you to use a smaller stabilizer and get better results.

Optional Grips

Standard on Quicksilver bows and as an option on other models, three different grips allow you to customize your bow and find a grip shape that meets your needs. Whether you prefer a narrow 2-piece style target grip in rubber or wood, or a solid insulating 1 piece grip, both are available for all Winchester Archery adult bows.

Stainless Steel Hardware

The use of stainless steel hardware on all Winchester Archery bows and Crossbows demonstrates our commitment to quality. Normal steel components rust…period. Stainless steel gives you the confidence to hunt in less than ideal conditions without concern for rusting screws ruining your bow. Why settle for anything less on a high quality hunting tool?



These simple but effective accessories are found on all Winchester Archery bows and crossbows. Speedsters help increase bow speed by increasing string momentum during the shot. In turn, the soft material acts as a silencer for the string and helps reduce residual string vibration after the shot.

Ultra Glide Dual Roller Cable Guard

The dual rollers in the Ultra Glide cable guard are mounted on nearly frictionless stainless steel sealed bearings to provide the smoothest draw possible and to enhance arrow speed. Capturing the cables during and after the shot helps reduce noise and vibration in what is already an exceptionally quiet bow.

Stabil-Lock Limb Pockets

Stabil-Lock Limb Pockets

Locking the limbs in a vice-like grip is the first job of these beautifully engineered limb pockets. Creating a stable platform for those limbs while shaving as much weight as possible was the challenge and clearly the challenge was met successfully. Limb pockets that are solid, secure and lightweight enhance the performance of each bow.

Sudden Stop

“Sudden Stop” String Dampener

Lateral adjustment on the Sudden Stop allows the bowhunter to find the ideal “sweet spot” for the string to land on the noise killing control cushion dampener. True 3K Carbon Fiber Weave extension rods (not fiberglass like other string stops) contribute to the dampening characteristics of the Sudden Stop & allow Winchester Archery bows to be the quietest ever.


Quicksilver 31 – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver worth $140.00

QuickSilver 31

The all-new Quicksilver 31 is compact, light and lightning fast. Like its stable mate QS 34, the QS 31 uses the proprietary Accu-Speed Technology (AST) cam (patent pending #12/277,860), the next generation in high-performance, trouble-free cam technology. The smooth-drawing AST cam allows the Quicksilver 31 to deliver speeds up to 335 fps with a brace height of 7.25”. Combine a rock solid back wall at full draw with adjustable let-off from 55% to 80% and you have a setup that makes pinpoint accuracy an everyday event. What’s more, a solid, dual-roller cable capture system and adjustable string stop with past parallel limb design help make this bow virtually silent and vibration-free. This perfectly balanced machine is a pleasure to shoot on the range, from a treestand or a groundblind.

WEIGHT 3.8 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 31.0 in
DRAW WEIGHT 50, 60, 70 lbs max
RRP $999

Quicksilver 34 – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver

QuickSilver 31

Never before has so much speed been available in such a shootable package. Winchester Archery proudly introduces Quicksilver 34: 343 fps of raw power made completely usable thanks to a generous 7.0” brace height. The speed comes primarily from our unique Accu-Speed Technology (AST) eccentrics, a true 2-Track system that positively synchronizes one cam with the other. This patent-pending system allows the cams to exploit energy stored in the ultra light past parallel split limb system. A compression-forged, machined 6061 aluminum riser supports this power delivery system, delivering enhanced strength and reduced weight. Stainless steel components are used throughout the bow in a show of quality and practicality: no more rusty screws after a rainy day hunt.

WEIGHT 3.9 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 34.0 in
DRAW WEIGHT 50, 60, 70 lbs max
RRP $999

Vaquero – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver


Vaquero is the Spanish word for cowboy, a moniker that perfectly fits this superb new Winchester Archery bow. “Strong,” “tough,” and “reliable” are words often used to describe the American cowboy; they can just as readily be used to characterize this bow. The Vaquero starts with a rock solid and nearly indestructible compression forged, machined 6061 aluminum riser. Stabil-Lock limb pockets and split, parallel limb design keep weight to a minimum and performance to a maximum. Cowboys are known to have exceptional manners, and this one is no exception. 2-Track A.R.C. cams are smooth drawing with a rock solid wall, and allow for easy, quick draw length adjustment, and offer variable let-off from 55- 80%. The Vaquero is rigged with high performance, two-toned Stone Mountain “Dakota” pre-stretched strings and decorated with smokin’ Reaper Woods camo. This makes it one high performance bow that delivers outstanding speed and control.

WEIGHT 4.1 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 32.0 in
DRAW WEIGHT 50, 60, 70 lbs max
RRP $895

Tracker – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver


The hard-working, featured-packed Tracker is destined to become your favorite bowhunting companion. Equipped with the same quality found on all Winchester Archery products, the powerful Tracker is one bow you’ll truly be proud to own. It offers rugged features like a forged, fully machined riser with stainless steel hardware. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from premium Stone Mountain strings, sealed eccentric bearings, & durable solid limbs of famous Gordon material. The Advanced Rotating Cam 2-Track system (patent pending # 12/277,860 ) combined with a brace height over 7” and a group tightening, Slim-Fit grip, guarantees the Tracker will be an accurate partner in any hunting situation. Silky smooth draw and a rock solid back wall allow you to appreciate the adjustable let-off. As with all Winchester Archery bows, the Tracker is as quiet as a deer walking on pine needles.

WEIGHT 4 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 31.25 in
DRAW WEIGHT 50, 60, 70 lbs max
RRP $790

Thunderbolt – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver


Adjectives like versatility, adjustability and performance are often used to describe great bows, however they are usually directed at adult bows. The new youth model Thunderbolt by Winchester Archery is all that and more. Fully machined riser, cams, limb pockets and limbs come together to produce the highest quality bow possible. Dual split limbs, trim limb pockets and meticulous attention to detail result in one of the lightest bows ever offered in this category at 2.5 pounds! Arrow speeds of up to 290 fps are possible with the highly adjustable Rider Cam as are draw length adjustments from 17” to 28”. Draw weight is adjustable from a low of 15 lbs in the shortest draw length setting to a peak weight of over 50lbs. in the longer draw length setting. The Thunderbolt is a not a “kid’s bow”, it is a full featured, high performance bow engineered for archers of a young age; and for parents looking for a bow that will grow with that young archer through many years of use. A bow that truly fits the slogan “The Ride Continues”.

WEIGHT 2.56 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 31.5 in
DRAW WEIGHT 15 - 52 lbs max
RRP $425

Destiny – All bows include 5 Pin Sight, Rest and Quiver


We live in exciting times for the bowhunting world. The number of female bowhunters is growing every year and the sport we all love is getting better because of it. Making sure that any new bowhunter is outfitted with good equipment right from the start is a big step towards providing a positive experience and getting them “hooked” forever. For a new lady bowhunter, the options just got a lot better. The Destiny is a bow packed with features that every bowhunter wants; great arrow speed, smooth draw, good let-off, and an exceptionally quiet shot. These features come in a bow built from fully machined parts and designed from the axles up for bowhunters with smaller hands and shorter draw lengths. The ultra light weight Destiny, at just 2.5 lbs, is a pleasure to carry on a long hike to the treestand but don’t let the size fool you. Arrow speeds up to 290 fps guarantee it will get the job done when it gets there. Available in a subtle pink based camouflage that works great in the woods, the Destiny is the ideal bow to hook the lady bowhunter into a lifetime of bowhunting enjoyment.

WEIGHT 4 lbs
AXLE TO AXLE 31.25 in
DRAW WEIGHT 50, 60, 70 lbs max
RRP $425

A full range of accessories including arrows, quivers, sights, rests, harnesses, strings and grips are available for all bows above.

5020L4RW Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver QS &V $59
5020L4NV Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver T & TB $59
5020L4RP Lynx 4 Arrow Quiver Destiny $59
50121BK 5 Pin Sight $59
5021VF Victory V3 350 Spine Arrows (6) $99
50241BK Bow Tech Rest $69
5022ROYALBKC Black Ployester Soft Case $69
3051 Harness 35-1/4 QS31 Top $39
30513 Harness 35-7/8 QS31 Tbolt & Destiny $39
3052 Harness 35-1/4 QS31 Bottom $39
3053 Harness 36-1/2 Tracker $39
3054 Harness 37-1/2 Vaquero $39
3055 Harness 37-5/8 QS34 Top $39
3056 Harness 37-5/8 QS34 Bottom $39
30515 String 53-1/2 QS31 $39
30516 String 53-1/2 Tracker $39
30517 String 54-1/4 Vaquero $39
30518 String 56 QS34 $39
30519 String 55 3/4 Tbolt & Destiny $39
304123RD AST Module Set (#1#7) $175
5100CM Limbsaver Stabilizer Camo $55
5100BL Limbsaver Stabilizer Black $50
5100RB Limbsaver Stabilizer Red/Black $55
50281 Sling To Go Bows $12
5025PH100 Phathead 100gr Broadhead (3) $69
5025PH125 Phathead 125gr Broadhead (3) $69
5200Y Scott Little Goose-Youth Release $139
5200A Tru Ball Black hornet-Adult Release $195
30751BK Black 2 Piece Grip $15
30751WD Wood 2 Piece Grip $155