Product Review: Steyr Scout


"I have recently been using the Steyr Scout .308 in the field and have to say I am very impressed with how it performed. I was first drawn to the Scout by its short barrel and light weight. The length of the rifle was important to me as a lot of my hunting Is carried out on a quad bike, the Steyr fits nicely on the front of my bike with no overhang. When hunting off the bike I like to carry as little as possible and the Steyr scout has a built in bipod and also a spare detachable magazine in the stock of the rifle. Such simple and effective ideas that I have only seen in the Steyr range. The majority of my hunting is feral pigs and this rifle paired with the Winchester Deer season XP 150 grain extreme point ammunition sure does hit the big boars hard. Even the big fellas with the thick coating of mud didn't stand a chance with his ammo. I have been using rifles in a range of calibres since I was 11years old and the Steyr Scout is by far a standout. I am very keen to try their rifles in some other calibres."

- Bryce (Bryce & Matty)

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