Mounting Systems


Symbol Description RRP Stock
12326 Browning BLR Scout LA Bases Unavailable
12327 Browning BLR Scout SA Bases Unavailable
12328 Browning Buck Mark Rail Available
57050-0003 Recknagel BAR Picatinny Rail Available
57080-302T Recknagel Browning A-Bolt 3 Weaver Base Available
57080-3003 Recknagel Browning BLR/BPR/ Dualis Weaver Base Available
57080-302J Recknagel Browning Maral/BPR/ Dualis Weaver Base Available
57080-301Q Recknagel Browning T-Bolt/ Anschutz Weaver Base Available
57050-011P Recknagel Browning X-Bolt Picatinny Rail LA Available
57050-001P Recknagel Browning X-Bolt Picatinny Rail SA Available
57050-021P Recknagel Browning X-Bolt Picatiny Rail SSA Available
57080-301P Recknagel Browning X-Bolt Weaver Base Available
47630-0195 Recknagel Docter Compact Mount Unavailable
46700-0000 Recknagel Docter Sight Available
T0940-0000 Recknagel Era-Tac Adapter With Bubble Level Available
T2249-0115 Recknagel Era-Tac Nut Tip Off Mount Available
57080-3006 Recknagel Krico Weaver Base Available
57050-001S Recknagel Marlin 336 Picatinny Rail Available
43526-051U Recknagel Merkal Tip-off Mount 14.5mm 1" Unavailable
43530-051U Recknagel Merkal Tip-off Mount 14.5mm 30mm Unavailable
57050-0112 Recknagel Remington 700 Picatinny Rail LA Available
57050-0012 Recknagel Remington 700 Picatinny Rail SA Available
57080-3012 Recknagel Remington 700 Weaver Base Available
57080-3013 Recknagel Remington 7600 Weaver Base Available
57050-2112 Recknagel Remington LA Picatinny Rail 20MOA Available
57050-2012 Recknagel Remington SA Picatinny Rail 20MOA Available
57050-0014 Recknagel Sako 75/85 XS & S Picatiiny Rail Available
57080-302K Recknagel Sauer 101 Weaver Base Available
57080-3016 Recknagel Sauer 200 Weaver Base Available
57080-3080 Recknagel Sauer 202 Weaver Base Available
57050-0188 Recknagel Steyr L Picatinny Rail Available
57050-2188 Recknagel Steyr L Picatinny Rail 20MOA Available
57050-0288 Recknagel Steyr M Picatinny Rail Available
57050-0388 Recknagel Steyr S Picatinny Rail Available
57080-3088 Recknagel Steyr SBS Weaver Base Available
57050-0488 Recknagel Steyr SL Picatinny Rail Available
57050-2488 Recknagel Steyr SL Picatinny Rail 20MOA Available
57050-0081 Recknagel Tikka Picatinny Rail Available
57050-2081 Recknagel Tikka Picatinny Rail 20MOA Available
57050-0124 Recknagel Winchester M70 Long Picatinny Rail Available
57050-0024 Recknagel Winchester M70 Short Picatinny Rail Available
57050-0169 Recknagel Winchester M70 WSM Picatinny Rail Available
57050-012V Recknagel Winchester XPR Picatinny Rail LA Available
57050-002V Recknagel Winchester XPR Picatinny Rail SA Available
57080-302V Recknagel Winchester XPR Weaver Base Available
2620020020 Steyr Picatinny Side Rail Long SSG Carbon Available
2600071600 Steyr Pro Hunter/Classic swing mount bases Unavailable
6600070603 Steyr SM12 Bases Available
3820137 Steyr SSG Long Rail Screw Available
252738 Talley A-Bolt wssm bases Available
SS252702 Talley Model 70 stainless standard/WSM bases Available
252702 Talley Model 70 standard/WSM bases Available
252739 Talley Model 70 wssm bases Available
220001 Talley T-Bolt bases Available

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