Browning Mossy Oak Waterfowl Floater Gunslip

ID: 1419502552
$75.95 (Inc GST)


Case Closed! When this case is closed, you win big. This heavy-duty case has the right amount of high density closed cell foam to keep your shotgun above water in case it makes its way overboard. That's not all, when hunting from a boat, your shotgun is protected from the spray that always comes in when getting to your spot on the best (usually the windiest) days for hunting. Add to this the great protection it offers overall and the rugged fabric which will keep on protecting year after year. 

Rest easy. Browning floater cases are cheap insurance for your gun, giving you a water-resistant protective case that will keep your gun floating on the surface until you can fish it out and give you the affordable peace of mind you are after.


  • Shotgun 136cm gunslip
  • Strap and central pocket