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Winchester Australia has for 50 years been a stable Australian manufacturer, a good corporate citizen and employer and a generous contributor to the general community and more particularly the shooting sports.

Winchester Australia bears the name of a 150-year-old global brand but the Geelong ammunition factory is no multinational behemoth, it is nimble and responsive, which is a big part of its success in an increasingly globalised marketplace. In the 1960s Winchester USA built satellite factories in Canada, Italy and Australia mainly to produce shotshell ammunition.

Australia had a large enough market to sustain a production facility, and Victoria, with both the availability and popularity of duck hunting was the logical location. Premier Sir Henry Bolte, a keen duck hunter and patron of Field & Game Australia was presented with a Winchester 1866-1966 Centenial rifle by Winchester USA vice president Herbert E. Boge during a visit in 1965, by 1967 the Geelong plant was in full production.

The Winchester Australia factory produces shotshell, .22 rimfire, centrefire rifle and centrefire pistol ammunition. In recent years, the lack of scale in Australia has proved a distinct advantage because the factory is flexible and nimble enough to respond to industry and consumer demand.

Winchester manufactures to tighter tolerances than the regulated standards with a single aim, producing ammunition that performs reliably and consistently. In the field, or in high level competitive shooting, where accuracy is important consumers may opt for a premium product but Winchester's manufacturing process and continual testing during production runs delivers a uniformity of performance to every product. That consistency is due to the dedication of Winchester Australia's employees; many have been on the factory floor for decades.

Winchester Australia is also a major importer and distributor of firearms and ammunition for private, law enforcement and military use. Winchester Australia has long standing distribution relationships with some of the shooting Industries favourite brands including Browning, CZ, Steyr, Daisy, FN, Penn arms, Huglu, Norma ammunition, Meopta optics, Gerber knives, Vivaz and White Flyer Clay Targets.

Winchester Australia has developed into a one stop shop for quality firearms, ammunition and accessories. Selling brands that the shooting industry have loved for decades.

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