Warranty Information

As Winchester Australia carries a wide range of products from an eclectic range of brands, we have put together an easy reference warranty table.

The procedure for claiming a warranty depends on the type of product.

Ammunition/reloading components and firearms warranties are required to be processed through a dealer (if you have a minor concern that does not require exchange/return of product, you may contact us directly). To make a warranty claim, please return your product to the dealer of purchase and provide them with as much detail as possible. Your dealer will be able to make an assessment of the viability of your claim based on warranty guidelines and - if appropriate - make arrangements for the return of product to Winchester Australia.

For all other products, please contact us directly and we will endeavour to resolve your concerns.

Winchester Australia is proud of the products we market and we work hard to make and source them the best we possibly can. This allows us to warrant all of our products against defects in materials or workmanship to the manufacturer's standard. This does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse. Here's the example we like to use, making a comparison to the auto industry, since we are all familiar with cars. If you purchase a new vehicle and the motor stops running, it will be taken care of, but tires that wear out or panels that are dented from hitting a tree are not covered. This is the same for your firearm, or your scope: "common sense" should prevail.

If you would happen to have an issue with one of our products, there are mainly three different categories that most of these issues fall into. These categories are listed below. We have also listed the best method to contact us and get your issues taken care of as easy and as promptly as possible. If one of these methods is not convenient for you, please contact us by the method that works best for you

New Product with Damaged or Missing Parts: If your product is damaged or missing parts before you even use the product please contact your dealer or contact us. When you email us, please include the name and model of the item that you have, along with the description of the damaged or missing part. We will also need your address that you would like us to send the replacement parts to. If possible, please try to leave a daytime phone number for us to reach you, in case the descriptions you give us are not clear.

Used, Damaged Product but Covered Under Warranty: As we said above, warranties protect against manufacturing defects and workmanship, not normal wear and tear. Again, please contact your dealer, or us and let us know the problem that you are experiencing. Please include the item, and explain the problem. Under the theory that "a picture is worth a thousand words," and to try to expedite the process as much as possible, it would be helpful to include a photo (or two). Depending on what can be determined from the photos, we may have your product sent to us for further evaluation. If we do have you send in your product, please mark the affected area(s) with a rubber band or masking tape. After we receive the product, we'll inspect it and determine if the problem is warranty or if it is just normal wear and tear. Do NOT return any items to us without first having contacted us.

Replacement Parts Needed for Items Not Covered Under Warranty: Since products will wear out over time or parts will get lost, in most cases we are able to provide customers replacement parts for their existing items so they don't have to replace their entire product. We try to stock replacement parts for most of the products we sell. Since these replacement parts are not covered under warranty, you can check online to see what is available, and organise a purchase via your dealer.

ADI/Thales Contact Dealer or Contact us  
Browning Firearms 3 years functioning, 2 years on wood (discretionary)
Exceptions: Maxus model 5 years functioning
CZ 3 years functioning, 2 years on wood (discretionary)
Exceptions: Shotguns 2 years functioning, 1 year on wood (discretionary
Daisy 1 years functioning, 1 year on wood (discretionary)  
Gerber 25 years  
Meopta 10 years  
Norma Contact Dealer or Contact us  
Steyr Arms 2 years functioning, 2 years on wood (discretionary)  
Talley Contact Dealer or Contact us  
Vivaz Contact Dealer or Contact us  
Warthog Sharpeners 1 year  
Winchester Accessories 1 year  
Winchester Ammunition Contact Dealer or Contact us  
Winchester Firearms 2 years functioning, 2 years on wood (discretionary)
Exceptions: SX3 model 5 years functioning
Other products Contact us