NEW! CZ P-10 F Pistol



The latest addition to the CZ pistols range available via Winchester Australia!

Just when you thought you had seen it all, we thought we would spoil you with yet ANOTHER addition to the long line of pistols available here at Winchester Australia.

We are very excited to be welcoming the NEW CZ P-10 F to the fam!

There are situations when a pistol user appreciates a good grip, a large magazine capacity or a long sight line. These are the main benefits of the new member of the exceptionally successful CZ P-10 family: a standard size striker fired model.

With the overall length of 203mm, height of 150mm and a barrel length of 114mm, the pistol weighs just 0.8kg when empty! This perfectly reliable service and defence pistol provides the user with all the prerequisites for achieving direct hits in any situation.

Now available to check out on our website, or contact your local dealer.