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Browning B25 Sporting 206 B2G 12G 30"

ID: 0903005110
$26,895.00 (Inc GST)
Calibre / Chamber12G / 2-3/4"
BarrelStandard Blued
SafetyTop Tang Safety/ Selector
SightsWhite Bead
Recoil PadPolymer plate
AccessoriesGun Lock
CaseCustom Shop Leather Browning Case
ChokesFixed: M, IM


Drop of Comb36mm
Drop at Heel56mm
Restricted Product


A true classic, the B25 B2G is one of the most-loved models.
This Sporting version is generally equipped with long 76 or 81 cm barrels, a large ventilated rib, and an intermediate front sight. All these features will help turn a 25/25 into your gun of choice. Imagine a custom firearm that's uniquely yours, with intricate engraving and a beautiful finish on every component.

Each piece is hand-fitted to ensure strength and reliability. Your can have one of these for yourself from the Browning Custom Shop in Liège, Belgium. A custom Browning gun is the result of time-proven designs and manufacturing, as well as customisation, that always produce a firearm that will be enjoyed for generations. Shown are some of the popular engraving patterns, but you can also create a pattern that is uniquely your own. The B25 is the last creation of the world's greatest firearms inventor, John M. Browning.

Its design represents the culmination of decades of ingenuity, experience, and wisdom in firearms. It is, to this day, the finest and most respected Over-and-Under weapon in the world. The feeling one receives by owning a B25 is no different than owning a piece of art by one of the great masters. The B25 is a true masterpiece. The design of the B25 reflects John Browning's knowledge of hunters. He knew they preferred a single sighting plane and a single selective trigger. He fulfilled their desires with his unique ability to achieve perfect balance, economy of proportion and eye-appealing design. The B25 has been made in its totality in Belgium since 1931. The Custom Gun Shop of the National Factory at Herstal can carry out practically any customisation work you might desire.

These firearms will be entirely assembled, adjusted, and engraved in Belgium according to the personal specifications of our clients.