Browning Ez Spot Black Target

ID: 129121
$29.95 (Inc GST)


A high-visibility target that produces a high-contrast ring around each bullet hole for easy shot spotting, 12" x 12", six targets per package.

Quick and easy target spotting. Whether you're sighting in a rifle or shooting groups with a pistol, Easy Spot paper targets will make your task significantly easier. Spend less time walking downrange just to verify if you're on paper or not. Identify your shot placement in real-time through your scope or over your sights. The grid pattern on the target assists with zeroing or approximating group sizes. No tape or stapler? No problem – the target is adhesive-backed to easily attach to a target backer.


  • Produces a high-contrast halo around each bullet hole
  • Self-adhesive for easy application to almost any surface
  • Includes color matched repair patches
  • 12" x 12" sheets, six targets per package
  • Available in Buckmark and Circle patterns