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Norma American 30-06Sprg Bond Strike 180gr

ID: 20176422


Designed for extreme long-term precision and effect in hunting game. Bond cool for good residual weight and deep-acting effect. Norma has always been known for good precision, but with the new BondStrike ™ Norma takes this to a new level. With a superb combination of a specially designed plastic tip, a boattail design known from match balls and state-of-the-art bonded lead core, they claim that BondStrike ™ sets a new standard for modern hunting bullets.

Norma BondStrike ™ stands out from the rest of the bullets on the market with extreme precision and power in the game at all distances. Its performance in the wild is impressive to witness. BondStrike ™ delivers what they promise. Hunters have used BondStrike ™ with great success on everything from elk to wild boar. Long-term expansion and bang-and-drop effect is to be expected when using Norma BondStrike ™. A superb construction ensures that the balls stay together even in short distances, while BondStrike ™ provides good long-term expansion. Plastic tip that improves expansion and gives better flight properties Boat-tail design from match balls for unmatched long-range precision High energy output and deep acting effect.