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Fiocchi Cowboy Action 44-40Win 210gr LRNFP

ID: 4440CA
( GST)
Calibre44-40 Winchester
Muzzle Velocity725fps
Bullet TypeLRN Flat Point
Ballistic Co Eff.0.165
Rounds Per Box50
Rounds Per Case500
At Distance@50yds
Trajectory Short-3.6 @ 25y
Trajectory Long-11.6 @ 50
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.


The philosophy behind the Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line is very simple: focus on the achievement of the ideal synergy between shooter, firearm, and ammunition. Fiocchi keeps developing and improving its pistol and revolver cartridge products and have added a 44 Special to an already incredibly complete offering. This line has been an over twenty-five year favorite of our shooters in the USA. It encompasses LRN, FMJ, JHP, FMJHP, and JSP bullet configurations in all the most popular calibers. Just take a look at the ballistic charts and you will notice that in terms of performance, Fiocchi's Pistol Shooting Dynamics Line take no back seat to any other manufacture.

Fiocchi's decision to produce these lines was supported by significant investment in terms of resources, research and development. Its American plant in Missouri is equipped with a modern 300 metre shooting range and the latest equipment for loading and testing of rifle cartridges. Fiocchi American powder, shot shells and primers selected with the most stringent military testing, and Sierra and Hornady bullets form the basis of the exceptional performance of these products.