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CZ 455 457 Barrel & Mag Set 17HMR Sporter 5rnd

ID: 5073-0090-8905


The mini-set contains a light barrel without sights, a 5-round magazine for the relevant calibre and spanners required for barrel replacement. For .22 LR and .17 HMR calibres, the mini-set is available even with a PH thread to enable attachment of a compensator or noise suppressor (only applicable to countries with appropriate legislation with respect to the use of noise suppressors). The barrel shape of AMERICAN is identical to LUX, yet it has no sights. It can therefore be used for any arms with (even the FS model) or without sights. However, if used with models originally intended for the Varmint type heavy barrel, a greater gap between the barrel and stock compared to the original barrel must be accounted for (those are models VARMINT, THUMBHOLE and EVOLUTION).

Modular design of CZ 455 rimfire rifle enables simple replacement of barrel by users themselves. This modularity allows changing of both the calibre as well as configuration of the CZ 455 to let certain interesting versions prove their qualities in practice. The model CZ 455 FS, for example, may be fitted with the MINISET CZ 455 AMERICAN to create an interesting version without sights. Or the EVOLUTION model, originally made with the Varmint type heavy barrel, may be fitted with the MINISET CZ 455 LUX featuring a light barrel and sights. The number of various combinations in configuration and calibre is really vast. The only restriction here is the stock design. Arms primarily designed for Lux or American configurations have been fitted with such stocks that cannot accommodate the MINISET CZ 455 VARMINT. It is recommended to follow instructions in the manual attached during installation.