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Steyr Classic II SX Stainless 308Win 4rnd Mag

ID: 66.09340.021020A
$3,795.00 (Inc GST)

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High reliability, long service life, maximum precision and convenience of use, are only a few of the characteristics of the STEYR MANNLICHER CL II.

In combination with the S.B.S. (Safe Bolt System) the 2+1 stage safety ensures highest safety standards for hunting rifles.

The new SX-stocks for STEYR MANNLICHER CL II SX. Where ergonomic design matches the highest durability. Polymer inlays guarantee a good grip even in bad conditions. The aluminum bedded system, together with the latest synthetics, lead to a rifle with maximum stability.

Just like the traditional CL II with wooden stock, also the CL II SX is available in many varieties matched to the shooters needs.It is available as a Halfstock version, a short Mountain, a Semi Weight or also in Stainless.