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Steyr SM12 30-06Sprg Left Hand 4rnd Mag

ID: 66.26500.000062L
$4,595.00 (Inc GST)
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The STEYR MANNLICHER SM 12 with it's ergonomic and easy to operate hand cocking System (H.C.S. TM(  sets new Standards for every hunting Situation.

The stock with elegant fish scale pattern and bavarian cheek piece with double flame gives the rifle an elegant look.

Our O.B.P.TM (optimized barrel profile) guarantees highest precision thanks to its optimized contour and length and fits perfectly into the stock.

The STEYR MANNLICHER SM12 is available in numerous variations depending on the individual Needs of the shooter.
From the classical Halfstock, the short Mountain to the Semi Weight and Stainless variations.