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Browning Maxpoint 6.5CM 140gr MP

ID: B192100652
Calibre6.5 CM
Muzzle Velocity2650 fps
Weight140 Grain
Rounds Per Box20 Rounds
Rounds Per Case200 Rounds
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.
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Exact Precision. Max Lethality. 

Browning® Max Point Rifle ammunition is designed specifically for hunting medium-sized game, including whitetail deer, mule deer, and pronghorn. Max Point bullets are meticulously manufactured, designed to quickly transfer expansion energy for maximum lethality to game, and to ensure critical shot placement is made with exact precision.  


  • Immediate knockdown 
  • Serious Accuracy
  • Polymer tip
  • 2650 muzzle velocity
  • 2183 muzzle energy
  • 20 rounds per box
  • Ideal for hunting deer