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Browning BXC 28 Nosler 155gr CETT

ID: B192200281
Calibre28 Nosler
Muzzle Velocity3250fps
Bullet TypeControlled Expansion
Ballistic Co Eff.0.445
Rounds Per Box20
Rounds Per Case200
At Distance@100yds
Trajectory Short0
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.
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The new Browning BXC bullet is designed for heavy games where devastating knock down power and deep penetration are required. The bonded bullet design with a residual weight of almost 100 % and the Terminal Tip allows for deep penetration through tick, tough hide and bones. The brass tip, heavy bullet weight and boat-tail are integral components to delivering precision accuracy, maximum downrange velocity and long range on target performance.


Bonded Bullet

  • Controlled expansion
  • Higher weight retention for maximum energy transfer and deeper penetration

    • Terminal Tip (aluminium)
      • Penetrates tough hide and breaks through strong bones
          Heavy Weight and Boat Tail Design
          • Increase downrange velocity, accuracy and energy