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Winchester Expedition Big Game 308Win 168gr ABCT

ID: S308LR
Muzzle Velocity2680fps
Bullet TypeAccubond CT
Ballistic Co Eff.0.525
Rounds Per Box20
Rounds Per Case200
At Distance@100yds
Trajectory Short2
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.
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Flat shooting with pinpoint accuracy, Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range uses the tough, deep penetrating Accubond Long Range bullet for supreme performance on the biggest game even at longer distances. Controlled expansion allows for penetrating thick hide and bone before delivering massive knock-down power. Expedition Big Game Long Range is an ultimate performance hunting load for wherever your dream hunt takes you.


  • Polymer Tip
    Maximizes long range performance and promotes expansion
  • Extended Ogive
    Engineered for high B.C. and precision accuracy
  • Bonded Lead Alloy Core
    Core and jacket welded together for maximum retained weight and deeper, controlled penetration
  • Jacket Technology
    Designed for maximum expansion at extended ranges without sacrificing close range performance
  • Engineered Boattail
    Improves long range flight characteristics
  • Controlled Expansion
    Delivers deep driving penetration and massive knock-down
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