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Winchester Dual Bond 45-70Gov 375gr JHP

ID: S4570DB
Calibre45-70 Government
Muzzle Velocity1500fps
Bullet TypeBonded JHP
Rounds Per Box20
Rounds Per Case200
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.
Restricted Product


Winchester's Dual Bond technology welds the inner jacket to the lead core then takes a heavy outer jacket and mechanically bonds it to the inner bullet which results in deep penetration, exceptional knockdown power and weight retention close to 100%. Upon impact, the outer jacket deploys into 6 equal segments for quick and massive expansion. After penetration, the inner jacket opens into 6 segments to create a total of 12 segments for double the amount of expansion. This gives the hunter a round that delivers a clean, quick kill.

Designed to be used on medium-sized game like Whitetail deer or large North American game like the brown bear. This ammunition is new production and loaded in reloadable, brass cases.


  • Hollow Point – Provides lethal performance at a variety fo ranges and impact velocities
  • Heavy Outer Jacket – Protects inner jacket during penetration to maximise energy transfer
  • Proprietary Bonding Process – Welds lead core and inner bullet jacket together
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