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Winchester Silvertip Segmenting 22LR 37gr HP

Calibre22 LR
Muzzle Velocity1060fps
Bullet TypeSegmenting HP
Ballistic Co Eff.0.090
Rounds Per Box50
Rounds Per Case1000
* Trajectory short/long refers to use of a short or long barrel.
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Trusted when it matters most, Silvertip rimfire optimizes 22LR performance for the Power to Defend.


  • Segmenting Hollow Point
    Achieves devastating energy transfer by splitting into four pieces upon impact, while the bullet base still achieves deep penetration.
  • Optimized for Short Barrels
    Powder is tailored for common personal defense firearms to deliver the velocity required to initiate segmentation upon impact.
  • Plated Bullet
    Provides corrosion resistance and reliable feeding in a variety of firearm types.
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